summer camp

Summer Camp 2019
July 1th to July 14th

City of Dharma Realm Summer Camp


Our annual summer camp is a 2-week long event. It is a great opportunity for students to have fun, learn, explore, and enjoy various activities in a unique environment. Campers will be exposed to Buddhism, meditation, Chinese language and culture, music, arts and crafts, vegetarian cooking, and different activities centered around a different theme each year. Campers will learn various ways to help our environment, be kind to others, respect parents and elders, live a healthy lifestyle, and make new friends.

Instructions will be in bi-lingual English and Chinese. We accept both day and boarding students. A parent or adult is required to accompany boarding students under 11 years of age. All boarding students must show proof of health insurance. Health or travel insurance is required for all international students. Parents and adults are welcome to volunteer. For more information on our Summer Camp in 2019, please contact us. Email: Phone: (916) 374-8268


5-14 years old


  • Day student: $140 tuition fee, $60 lunch fee, $20 non-refundable application fee
  • Boarding student: $140 tuition fee, $460 room and board fee, $20 non-refundable application fee
         -Boarding students must be 11 years of age or older.
         -Proof of health insurance is required for all boarding students.

The following forms are available for download:

Application Form
Medical Form