Respect the Elderly, Cherish the Youth

The Venerable Master's philosophy of education is based on the principle: "Care for the elders of others as one's own elders; nurture other's children as one's own children." This is because filiality is the foundation of being a human. And so, the Master instructed that Dharma Realm Buddhist Association hold annual celebrations for cherishing the youth and respecting the elderly.

He said,

The Dharma Realm Buddhist Association will hold a celebration for cherishing the youth, between spring and summer, to treat the local students and teach them about principles. Between fall and winter, we will have a celebration for respecting the elderly. Then even the seniors who have no children will receive the respect of young people, and children who have no parents, will also receive the care of grown-ups. In this way, everyone respects and cherishes one another. This is the common practice of human sentiment. Our goal is to change the trend by cherishing and caring for human beings." "Not only in this country, but in all countries in the world, we hope people will learn these customs. Then in the future, the elderly will be able to live out their last years peacefully, those in their prime will be able to employ their talents, and the youth will grow up well. Our goal is to achieve great unity in the world. So everyone should do his best to promote the customs of respecting the elderly and cherishing the youth. Every young person should respect his parents as much as he can. It shouldn't be that after they have raised us, we throw them into the garbage can and forget about them."

Recently, in order to reform education more thoroughly while reviving our long-forgotten integrity, the Master has exhausted his efforts and fearlessly undertaken the difficult task of establishing the "volunteer teacher" system at the schools at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. We know that teachers are like gardeners. Only with diligent care can the garden be filled with blooming flowers. We may say that the main reason that modern education is on the brink of bankruptcy is the lack of teachers who teach for the sake of education. The Master has been crying out because he sees the root of such decadence. His lofty and far-reaching vision of using volunteer teachers not only can resolve the dangerous situation, it is also a manifestation of the Master's great compassion.