Manifesting Stillness

The Venerable Master dedicated his entire life to disseminating the Buddha-dharma. Undaunted by adversities, he strived without cease, and traveled to propagate the Buddha-dharma in various Way-place both domestic and overseas. Based on the compassionate vows of a Bodhisattva, he rescued and crossed over living beings until he fell ill due to persistent overwork. Finally he collapsed from illness.

In the afternoon of June 7, 1995, the Venerable Master manifested stillness in Los Angeles. His worldly age was seventy-seven. When he was alive, he wanted neither fame nor profit. In his final instructions he said:

"After I depart you can recite the Avatamsaka Sutra and the name of Amitabha Buddha for however many days you would like, perhaps seven days or forty-nine days. After the cremation, scatter my remains in empty space. I do not want you to do anything else at all. Do not build me any pagodas or memorials. I came into the world without anything; when I depart, I still do not want anything, and I do not want to leave any traces in the world."
The Venerable Master said, "From empty space I came, to empty space I return." In fact the life of the Elder Venerable Master itself was a mandala for the great Dharma wheel of the Avatamsaka. Although he manifested Nirvana, yet, he still constantly spins the unending Dharma wheel: "with great kindness and compassion rescue all. Spare neither blood nor sweat, and never pause to rest." We can only offer this deep resolve to the infinite lands of Buddhas, and thus endeavor to repay the teacher's boundless grace.