Volunteer Teacher System

This volunteer teacher system also sets up a model of incorruptibility for teachers. Being a volunteer naturally entails the responsibility of complete giving. The Venerable Master described this ideal:

Every teacher should set an example with his own conduct. The teachers should be honest and self-respecting, and pass their wisdom and aspirations on to the next generation. They should not fight for salary raises or go on strike.

In this way, they can teach with full concentration and effort. They will not just be a "teacher of books," they will also be a "teacher of people." As it is said, "When one reaches the level of no seeking, one's character will be noble." Only teachers who are not seeking for money and fame can influence students with their lofty aspirations and broad ideals, and thus undertake the difficult task of rectifying people's lives and developing long-lasting peace. When Confucius was travelling among the feudal states. he taught three thousand disciples, seventy-two of whom were worthy and thoroughly learned; he helped people and saved the country. His philosophy of teaching all people without discrimination can be regarded as a genuine demonstration of teaching for the purpose of education. It can also be regarded as the historic pioneer of volunteer teaching. Especially in this time of rampant materialistic desire, the Master's heroic resolve to carry on the ancient ways and inspire posterity is truly "the way when there is no way" and "the hope when there is no hope." He is doing it knowing that it can hardly be done.
Excerpt from an article by Shi Heng Shi, Jennifer Sun, Yvonne Chen,
p. 86 - 87 "In Memory of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, Vol. I"