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Intern Program

Our Intern Teacher program provides a wide range of opportunities for individuals who are on the career path to become educational professionals. We welcome intern teachers at all levels, K-12, on a variety of subjects, such as math, science, social science, English, Chinese, Physical Education, etc. Intern teachers are expected to engage and motivate students in learning and help students better explore the inner wisdom as well as understand the truth of the universe.

In return, intern teachers on our campus can better understand the dynamic in a bilingual and multicultural atmosphere for education. In the Education Center of the City of Dharma Realm, intern teachers have the opportunity to participate in various international Buddhist conferences, Confucius (the greatest educator in Chinese history) studies, Buddhist sutra study, gardening, vegetarian food fair, Chinese language and culture, Buddhist ceremonies and events, etc. Immersing in a unique and intellectual environment gives intern teachers a diverse and multifold experience.