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Our Teachers

We ardently look for enthusiastic professional teachers, certified or to be certified, in a variety of subjects including English, math, science, social science, physical education, etc. We respect and support our teachers' efforts in teaching and providing discipline for students, in order to build strong pillars for our nation and the world. In aligning with our educational goals, teachers can count on the assistance and cooperation from our schools to ensure a respectful and encouraging environment for education.

We value traditional teaching philosophy and discipline, and yet we also embrace innovative perspectives and contemporary methodology in education. Our schools integrate both Western and Eastern training and skills in educating our students. Students from culturally diverse background have the opportunity to learn from each other, broaden their horizon, enlarge their vision, and generate a genuine appreciation of people's uniqueness. Our teachers play an important role in building the fundamental core of our students' moral characters which is not only taught by words, but through the actions and conduct of the teacher. This is the foundation and basis for all the teaching and education at our schools.

Unique Job Opportunities: Volunteer Teachers Needed